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Services and Fees

We provide Life and Business Coaching via a combination of the phone and email for businesses, coaches, individuals, and non-profits.

Our basic package is three 30 minute sessions over a 3 month period; additional sessions are available -- please see pricing below. We do our transactions through Paypal, money order, or cheque.

We also offer a sliding scale and free services, many times a year, as part of our on-going interest in community service. Please contact us to enquire about the sliding scale and pro bono work.

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Talk Time



1.5 hours (3 sessions)





1.5 hours (3 sessions)






1.5 hours (3 sessions)




1.5 hours (3 sessions)


Payment can be made through Paypal (see buttons above), cheque, cash, or money order. Transactions can be set up in other currencies and item remarks, please contact us for a special request.

Fees subject to change. Fees include intake, emails, planning, research, follow up, etc..! Fees only include life or business coaching. Mindlogo and Tarot Card readings priced separately. Long distance currently not included. Each additional half hour is rated at $30.

If higher fee required for non-talk time work we will advise client in advance.