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"Abella Arthur got to know me and provided insight into myself. I enjoyed mindlogoing and I enjoy the clarity it has given me. I feel clearer and stronger with my life path!"

Lisa B., a late 30's Early Childhood Educator, needed to write an application letter for Teacher's college but was having difficulty describing why she would make a great Teacher. She looked to Mindlogos to help her find clarity and direction and from her feedback, walked away with so much more. Lisa received Mindlogos for Individuals.

"The people at Mindlogos were able to capture the essence and spirit within myself and bring them to the surface which has helped me to make needed changes to my life. I used to be a slave to other people's schedules and I always ended up holding the bag, as it was. However, now I am doing what I have always wanted to do, and getting paid for it as well!

- Ryan A, Fresh Thinker, orangeThink
"Have you peeled your orange today?"

Ryan is a bright mid twenties technical guru, who experiences ADD, that worked with a few start up companies in the technology boom. After it went bust, he had not only grown emotionally (which emphasized more responsibility in his life) but he didn't know where to find his new paycheque. Mindlogos helped him see more of himself than he ever gave himself credit for. Ryan received Mindlogos for Business.


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